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Cutera Limelight IPL

Cutera Limelight IPL

Cutera Limelight IPL is a non-ablative skin rejuvenation treatment based on the safe and proven Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology. This mild and gentle light therapy treats skin conditions, such sun damage, brown spots, dark spots, rosacea, enlarged pores, and acne scars.

At Motykie Med Spa, we recommend Cutera Limelight over several other IPL devices because this unique IPL technology utilizes three different adjustable wavelengths to treat specific skin conditions in a targeted manner. The IPL light reaches the skin pigment in precise wavelength to correct a particular skin condition and restore clearer skin.

Benefits of Cutera Limelight IPL for Your Skin

The FDA has cleared Cutera Limelight IPL device for treating a range of indications, including vascular lesions and pigmented lesions that are benign in character. Our experienced laser treatment providers can help improve your skin appearance and deliver the following benefits with Cutera Limelight IPL:

  • Diminish vascular lesions
  • Remove benign skin pigmentation and solar lentigines
  • Shrink enlarged pores
  • Clear dark spots
  • Lighten or erase low contrast brown spots
  • Treat sun damaged skin
  • Improve unwanted skin redness
  • Smooth out acne scarring
  • Enhance skin tone and texture
  • Restore a bright facial glow
  • Works on the neck and décolletage, in addition to the face
  • Safe, non-invasive treatment involving no anesthesia
  • Minimal to no discomfort or downtime

How does it Work?

Cutera Limelight IPL makes use of three adjustable light wavelengths that are designed to target the specific type of pigment present in the epidermis. When a wavelength spectrum with low hemoglobin absorption and robust melanin absorption is used, it requires only mild fluence (power) to achieve highly effective skin outcomes.

Light pulses are managed with a closed loop control for regulating every pulse in order to ensure safe and even looking results. The IPL energy will gently heat up the targeted brown and red pigmentation, disintegrating it into microscopic fragments that are naturally removed from the body through the metabolic process.

For stubborn conditions, such as rosacea and telangiectasia (abnormal blood vessels), Cutera Limelight IPL therapy will selective disrupt the problem-causing blood vesels, paving the way for the formation of healthier micro vessels with thicker walls. As a result, skin imperfections associated with vascular abnormalities, photo-damage and aging, which were previously hard to eliminate, respond very well to this therapy.

Treatment Process

Our skilled laser specialists will select Cutera Limelight Program A, B, or C to tailor your treatment according to your skin type and specific skin condition for optimal therapeutic impact. When the light pulse penetrates your skin, you may feel a mild stinging or pinching sensation. However, patients usually don’t require pain meds or an anesthetic prior to treatment.

Treatment time is generally less than an hour, but it will depend on the skin condition and the surface area of treatment. We recommend two to three treatment sessions for maximum results. But if your skin has suffered significant sun damage, you may need additional treatments.

Recovery and Results

Right after your Cutera Limelight IPL therapy, you may experience mild redness and swelling in the treated sites. This will resolve on its own within a day. In one to two weeks, the darkened brown spots will begin to fade away, the mottled skin complexion will start clearing up, and telangiectasia, rosacea, and diffuse redness will improve.

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